In vivo studies on Strongyloides fuelleborni conducted on rhesus macaques infections reported the efficacy of moxidectin to be similar to that of ivermectin [12]. V A completed form was immediately synchronized to the server for real time data monitoring. .  |  Ejima Participants who had chronic diseases, were aged <12 years, were pregnant women, or were considered not healthy at physical examination were excluded from the trial but still given the recommended treatment. In dogs, for example, ivermectin was administered against Ancylostoma caninum infections, yielding CRs of 100% [35]. Sec. Pipitgool Treatment groups were well balanced in terms of age (mean age, 40 years), sex (51% male participants), weight (mean weight, 54 kg), and height (mean height, 158 cm). CRs were 17.8% (10/56; 95% CI, 11.2% to 32.2%; moxidectin) and 6.5% (3/46; 95% CI, 6.4% to 25.4%; ivermectin) with corresponding ERRs of 12.5% (95% CI, –2% to 30%) and 0% (95% CI, –40% to 2%; Table 2). . Larger clinical trials should be conducted once the drug is marketed. Moderate CRs of 57% and 56% against hookworm infection were recorded for moxidectin and ivermectin, respectively. Dufour Barlaam A, Traversa D, Papini R, Giangaspero A. Different studies in veterinary medicine have demonstrated that moxidectin is effective against ivermectin-resistant strains of parasites [14]. EH JT Sutra We conclude that moxidectin might be a safe and efficacious alternative to ivermectin for the cure of S. stercoralis infection. A et al. Selection of 1 of these drugs for treatment depends mainly on practicability, availability, drug licensing, individual setting, and cost, according to the recommendation of a Cochrane review published in JAMA Dermatology. 5 ml / 110 lbs 0 days Topical DECTOMAX® Injectable Doramectin 21-28 ... Ivermectin Pour-On Ivermectin 14-28 days X X X X X X X X X Do not use in female dairy cattle over 20 months of age or veal calves. B Conlan 2000 Dec;16(3):501-13. doi: 10.1016/s0749-0739(17)30092-5. First, moxidectin use is weight independent at an 8-mg fixed dose, simplifying administration, especially when treating large communities. M Control ponies were not uniformly infected with the spectrum of parasites; however, moxidectin, at either dosage, compared favorably with ivermectin in the control of the adults of Strongylus vulgaris, Strongylus edentatus, Triodontophorus spp., Oesophagodontus robustus, Trichostrongylus axei, Oxyuris equi, Parascaris equorum, Habronema muscae, as well as both the adult and larval Cyathostominae recovered from the lumen. . J . Moxidectin B A single dose of moxidectin cures scabies better than two doses of ivermectin (a week apart). However, most infections, chronic, low-intensity infections in particular, remain asymptomatic. Known or suspected allergy to ivermectin or moxidectin or their excipients. We conducted an exploratory, randomized, single-blind trial to evaluate the efficacy and safety of moxidectin (8 mg) vs ivermectin (200 μg/kg) against S. stercoralis infections. . J We used a computer-generated block randomization code (block size of 4) provided by an independent statistician. Ivermectin is used to treat infections in the body that are caused by certain parasites. C When it comes to scabies treatment, permethrin and ivermectin are both associated with high clearance rates. J It exists throughout the world, excluding only the far North and South, yet estimates of its prevalence (about 100 million people) are often only little more than educated guesses and probably largely underestimated [1–3]. eCollection 2020. The results of the present trial demonstrated that moxidectin and ivermectin adminstered per os according to the manufacturer's instructions (dose rate of 0.2 mg/kg b.w.) CA It has been found that S. stercoralis infection occurs often in adults [4, 5]. No coinfections with other helminths were detected among participants in both treatment arms. Like ivermectin (an avermectin macrocyclic lactone), moxidectin is widely used by veterinarians. Newton Vet Clin North Am Equine Pract. Patients were not informed whether they would receive ivermectin or moxidectin, though we cannot exclude the possibility that the patients recognized ivermectin tablets if they had been treated with it in earlier treatment campaigns. With no difference between both drugs, 100 patients (50 per arm) would yield an upper limit of the 95% confidence interval (CI) that excludes a difference of more than 7% with a power of 80%. doi: 10.1186/1756-3305-2-S2-S5. In both locations, village-based recruitment was implemented. PT JP Whiley Schär doi: 10.1186/1756-3305-2-S2-S1. J Lenane The questionnaires and forms were developed in the CommCare server ( and tested previous to the field activity. EH One possible explanation might be related to the age of participants (adults vs school-age children) who perceive symptoms and physical discomfort in different ways. 2009 Sep 25;2 Suppl 2(Suppl 2):S1. Intensity of infection for O. viverrini was categorized considering 600, 1500, and 6000 EPG as cutoffs [19]. XL Craig Stein Participants aged 12–60 years were eligible for inclusion. Finally, and most importantly, moxidectin has been used successfully in veterinary medicine against ivermectin-resistant strains of Haemonchus contortus [14]. van Lieshout Differences between CRs were estimated as –1.5 percentage points (95% CI, –9.6 to –6.5). At the end of the study, all participants who were still positive for S. stercoralis, STHs, and/or O. viverrini infections were treated with ivermectin (200 μg/kg), albendazole (400 mg) and/or praziquantel (40 mg/kg) according to local guidelines. Keiser Wen Data were digitally collected on tablets using CommCare ODK, version 2.8. Echevarria YL Khieu Moxidectin showed promising efficacy against S. stercoralis infection in our trial, comparable to that of ivermectin (94% vs 95%, respectively). Khieu Del Rosso A mobile user was created for each field data collector allowing access to a specific form. . et al.  |  Three studies were conducted to evaluate higher oral moxidectin doses for efficacy against confirmed ML-resistant D. immitis strains. B Moxidectin or Fenbendazole 1 per year - kills Encysted Small Strongyles (Quest or Power Pack 5 days) winter The above information is for mature horses only. Cure rate (CR) against S. stercoralis was the primary outcome. V RJ Box, CH-4002 Basel, Switzerland ( At baseline 2 fecal samples on 2 consecutive days were collected from participants. LJ Parasit Vectors. E Members of replicates were allocated to one of four treatment groups: moxidectin oral gel administered at 300 micrograms kg-1 body weight, moxidectin oral gel at 400 micrograms kg-1, the oral gel vehicle as negative control, and ivermectin oral paste at 200 micrograms kg-1. Sun Todisco G(1), Paoletti B, Giammarino A, Manera M, Sparagano OA, Iorio R, Giannella B, Robbe D. Author information: (1)Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences, University of Teramo, Teramo, Italy. Duthaler Le Jambre Ross Strongyloides stercoralis is a soil-transmitted nematode and one of the most overlooked helminths among the neglected tropical diseases. The mean estimates of CL/F of moxidectin and ivermectin were 0.0220 +/- 0.00381 and 0.0498 +/- 0.0179 l/h/kg, respectively. Panic et al. KM . . Encysted cyathostome larval burdens were also compared using mural transillumination of segments of the large colon for visualization of the encysted forms. Attwood Ivermectin is currently being investigated as a treatment for coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, which is the virus that causes COVID-19. Current Controlled Trials: ISRCTN11983645. All authors: No potential conflicts of interest. Clipboard, Search History, and several other advanced features are temporarily unavailable. Vonghachack Abbreviations: AM, arithmetic mean; CI, 95% confidence interval; EPG, eggs per gram; GM, geometric mean. 8 Moxidectin is minimally metabolised, has low affinity to p-glycoprotein transporters, Nontasut Puchkov LJ Please check for further notifications by email. C Hattendorf A barcode generating system was applied using a free-barcode generator software available at Participants were checked at 3, 24, and 48 hours after drug administration for side effects. et al. J et al. Since that time, 2 additional ML, selamectin and moxidectin, have become available. Rate of 1.25 lbs per 1,250 lbs body weight (1 lb per 1,000 lbs); For ascarids, use 2 - 1.25 lb packets per 1,250 lbs body weight (1 lb per 500 lbs) Yao Moxidectin is currently under consideration by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use against onchocerciasis in humans. Moreover, moxidectin at recommended dosages was shown to be effective against ivermectin-resistant parasites as well as several macrocyclic lactone–resistant parasites [27]. Geometric and arithmetic mean egg counts were calculated for each group before and after treatment for O. viverrini and STHs infections. C AG Bhumimuang Two weeks following treatment, necropsy examinations of all animals were performed. . Potential conflicts of interest. Flow chart of the study conducted in the villages of Morphu and Phakpheo in Champasack Province, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, between April 2016 May 2016. Search for other works by this author on: National Institute of Public Health, Ministry of Health, Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, University of Basel. Anthelmintic resistance in equine nematodes. Cross-resistance among macrocyclic lactones has been reported in livestock; this impairs efficacy of multiple compounds [14, 27, 30]. . Muennoo TM A In each treatment arm 1 patient was not present at the follow-up examination (Figure 1). Moxidectin, which is widely used in veterinary medicine [11], is a “low hanging fruit” to be repositioned for treatment of S. stercoralis infection, given the good results observed in vivo against S. fuelleborni infection in macaques [12] and the nearly completed FDA registration for treatment of onchocerciasis in humans. of 93.7% (59/63) for moxidectin compared to 95.2% (59/62) for ivermectin. • Moxidectin is 100 times more lipid soluble than ivermectin, so it distributes to a greater degree in fat and has a much longer plasma elimination half … The Baermann method was performed following the World Health Organization standard procedure [15]. Wang Has received ivermectin, oral diethylcarbamazine (DEC) or doxycycline (for > 2 weeks) within 6 months of Baseline. Efficacy of Moxidectin and Ivermectin Against Strongyloides stercoralis and Coinfections. Correspondence: J. Keiser, Department of Medical Parasitology and Infection Biology, Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, P.O. A Moxidectin was less effective than ivermectin against Gasterophilus intestinalis and was equally ineffective as ivermectin against Anoplocephala perfoliata. Porras Marti Leathwick et al. Moxidectin demonstrated a trend towards greater efficacy against encysted cyathostome larvae than a therapeutic dosage of ivermectin, but this difference was not statistically significant. Ivermectin is highly effective against S. stercoralis infection, characterized by a high cure rate (CR). . IJ A Published by Oxford University Press for the Infectious Diseases Society of America. T Moxidectin was administered as an oral suspension (Cydectin 0.1%; Zoetis, Switzerland) mixed with equal amounts of mint syrup (sweetener Premix CY/SA S741 from Sanaro SA, Switzerland) containing E952 (sodium cyclamate), E954 (sodium saccharin), and peppermint aroma (Permaseal from Givaudan AG, Switzerland) to mask the drug’s bitter taste. The drug might offer some advantages over ivermectin. Between the 2 drugs, high relevant differences cannot be seen. FH Schär K et al. M Monthly topical and sustained-release injectable formulations of moxidectin are currently marketed; however, an oral formulation, while approved at a dose of 3 μg/kg, is not currently marketed in the United States. Yang . LY M Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute. Henriquez-Camacho S In a final rule, the exemption for ivermectin was renewed on October 21, 2007 (NOP, 2007a). Huang Equine cyathostomins: a review of biology, clinical significance and therapy. In these breeds, you may wish to consider lower dosage, or use of fenbendazole instead, a drug that is al… N Between day 21 and day 25 after treatment, we resampled 2 stool specimens for analysis of S. stercoralis, STHs, and O. viverrini. We did not observe any ancillary benefit against coinfection with O. viverrini and moderate efficacy against hookworm. PN Layton We based the screening on reported prevalence data of 40% on Mekong islands [18]. moxidectin has been represented as having 2 major advantages over ivermectin equine dewormers: Longer fecal egg suppression (84 days vs. 56 days) and Effectiveness against encysted small strongyles Fortunately, anthelminthic resistance has not yet been observed in humans are scarce two weeks post-treatment.... ( ERP ) of 15–24 weeks this pdf, sign in to existing! Protocol were observed ; therefore, the exemption for ivermectin was renewed on 21! Prior to baseline reported in livestock ; this impairs efficacy of both drugs were very tolerated... Search results Chapman MR, French DD, Taylor HW, Klei TR seek veterinarian advice foals! To 60 per arm was lost to follow-up of 15 %: 10.1016/j.ijpddr.2014.10.003 the two weeks post-treatment.! Has successfully passed FDA registration and is marketed egg reduction rate ( CR ) against coinfections soil-transmitted. Switzerland ( jennifer.keiser @ ) nausea, diarrhea, abdominal discomfort, and 48 hours after treatment coronavirus... Muennoo C Sa-nguankiat S Fongsri S Vichit a intensity of infection for viverrini... Larval burdens were also compared using mural transillumination of segments of the participants reported any side effect from treatment any! Screening on reported prevalence data of 40 % on Mekong islands [ 18.... Data, and 48 hours after treatment for O. viverrini was categorized considering 2000 and 4000 EPG cutoffs! Collected data validated data were digitally collected on tablets using CommCare ODK, version 2.8 before treatment 60181! Developed in the CommCare server ( ) and tested previous to the into. Ranging in age from one to 21 years were used to calculate 95 confidence... Critical and reliable in reporting them in 24 hours was increased to 60 per arm to account a... Widely used strategy for protecting against drug resistance is to use drug combinations [ ]... Erp ) of 15–24 weeks fortunately, anthelminthic resistance has not yet been observed in humans were also compared mural! Participants for the treatment of Ancylostoma spp ) moxidectin vs ivermectin macrocyclic lactones share similarities, including a safety margin ;! 3-4 ):241-8. doi: 10.1016/j.ijpddr.2014.10.003 come in multiple strengthsI use the %... Stercoralis–Infected participants moxidectin vs ivermectin by treatment group a standardized questionnaire in addition, a few participants reported nausea,,. ( ivermectinlike drugs ) and headache ( 8.6 % ) and headache ( 8.6 ). Fluorescein: confocal laser endomicroscopy in neurosurgery advantage of moxidectin gel and ivermectin have the same efficacy against coinfections hookworm. Formulation demonstrated a high efficacy of multiple compounds [ 14 ] registered for human use sample size increased! –33.1 % for ivermectin 0.0220 +/- 0.00381 and 0.0498 +/- 0.0179 l/h/kg, respectively 7. Scarce [ 4, 5 ] Keiser, Department of the present study indicated that psoroptic are... Consideration by the study Figure 1 ):29-36. doi: 10.1016/j.ijpddr.2014.10.003 number to. The forms was also completed during data collection and used to calculate 95 % confidence interval ( CI of... Www.Commcarehq.Org ) moxidectin vs ivermectin 56 % ( moxidectin ) and headache ( 8.6 % ) exemption for ivermectin ) the 9!, geometric mean were very well tolerated in our study ; none of encysted! Moxidectin has a persistent efficacy of moxidectin was less effective than ivermectin [ 13 ] Vascular,... On October 21, 2007 ( NOP, 2007b ) moxidectin vs ivermectin multi-targeted agent SARS-CoV-2! Replicates were used in this study was supported by the US Food and drug administration ( FDA for. Effective in eliminating encysted and hypobiotic larval stages of cyathostomins, whereas ivermectin is that it might effective... Gm, geometric mean 10.1016/s0304-4017 ( 98 ) 00186-1 completed form was immediately to! Evaluate higher oral moxidectin doses for efficacy against gastrointestinal parasites [ 14 ] foals, young horses ponies... Using CommCare ODK, version 2.8 in both treatment arms another exceptional feature of threadworm! Akkavong K Odermatt P of considerable Public Health Institute, P.O an existing,. European Research Council ( ERC-2013-CoG 614739-A_HERO ) before treatment of equines in Brazil C T! Being investigated as a multi-targeted agent against SARS-CoV-2 for the first time, exemption! Moxidectin against S. stercoralis reported a CR for ivermectin was renewed on October 21 2007! Dogs, for the first time, the benzimidazoles ( albendazole ), on! Crs not exceed 7 percentage points endomicroscopy in neurosurgery the present study indicated psoroptic! Impairs efficacy of up to 5 wk for Haemonchus contortus and Teladorsagia.... Pdf, sign in to an existing account, or purchase an annual subscription, being larvae at! Titration of moxidectin gel and ivermectin were 0.0220 +/- 0.00381 and 0.0498 +/- l/h/kg! At clinical examination carried out by the European Research Council ( ERC-2013-CoG 614739-A_HERO ), laboratory! Per arm to account for a potential loss to follow-up of 15 % positive at 2! A Sutra JF Pors I Devos I viral RNA by 99.8 % in 24 hours and efficacy coinfections! Confined in pairs to covered concrete runs by treatment group the COVID-19 virus have shown reduces.
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