For her part, Victoria asks Vicenta because everyone abandons them and Josefina asks Gallo to tell her what is consuming him in recent days. Ingresar Bienvenido a la Plataforma Conexión Educativa Paty Pacheco as Yanisei Vega, is a prostitute, who joins the La Tuti cartel. After the death of El Indio, in New York a letter arrives to an unknown prisoner, who turns out to be El Teca and learns that his ally was killed by the Acero-Quintanilla clan, and swears to make them pay for the death of El Indio. The doctor asks Indira to leave the room since his son feels very upset with his presence and Romero asks El Indio to calm down and help him to take revenge on Los Acero for having removed the Tiburon from his side. Interpretado por Blanca Soto, Sara Aguilar Bermúdez es la protagonista principal de las temporada 1 y 2. PLATAFORMA COLEGIO NUESTRA SEÑORA DEL ROSARIO FUNZA. El Indio tells his men that they will continue with the plan; since he can not lose the alliance they made with Romero. Debora discovers that she can not work at the place where Rosario's sister works, and El Gallo, Daniel and Josefina prepare the First Lady to enter the Pines. Sánchez asks Indira to comply with his deal and not take Daniel as prisoner. Salvador asks his wife to avoid exposing herself because she does not want her life or her son's life to be in danger. El Gallo recruits Daniel and Salvador on a rescue mission that causes many deaths. Protagonizado por Blanca Soto, Carolina Miranda, Litzy, Lincoln Palomeque, Luis Ernesto Franco; con las participaciones antagónicas de Gaby Espino, Jorge Zárate, José Luis Reséndez, Sergio Goyri,José María Torre, Luciana Silveyra, Marco Pérez y Rebecca Jones; con las actuaciones estelares de Alejandro Calva, Ana Lucía Domínguez, Michel Duval, Patricia Navidad, Alberto Agnesi; y las actuaciones especiales de Damián Alcázar, Andrés Palacios, Rossana San Juan y Laura Flores. Tecolote advises his boss to get another partner because Romero does not give him confidence; He also wants to know what they are going to do with Indira's son. Interpretado por Jorge Zárate, Amaro Rodríguez Mora más conocido como El Indio Amaro es un narco que trabaja para el Cártel de Tijuana, al principio era la mano derecha de El Teca, después de su muerte El Indio se convirtió en el líder del Cártel de Tijuana. Roscas and Marcelo are in charge of persecuting Domingo and La Tuti discovers that if she hides information to the authorities, she will be extradited to the United States where she will receive the death penalty. En el final de la cuarta temporada se revela que sobrevivió a los disparos que Salvador Acero le proporcionó después de haber asesinado a Sara. Luego de enterarse del dinero que Vicente había dejado oculto, él se encargar de perseguir a Sara para que le diga dónde está el dinero oculto. Mario begins to despair when he does not hear from Andrea and his daughter; while Marcelo is responsible for following all his steps so that his daughters do not take more risks. La Tuti colecciona muñecas a las que ella las nombra y cree que están vivas. Daniel tells his colleague that he still does not believe that Sánchez has anything to do with drug trafficking since the information he found on his computer belongs to the businesses that Indira is doing with El Indio. Daniel asks Vicenta if it does not seem strange for Romero to help her get free without the President knowing. León Peraza as Domingo, he is Mario's accomplice in all his criminal acts and later dies in the explosion caused by Mario Casas. Daniel gathers his mother and his wife to show them that they officially restored his position in the. 01-67) Rosario Tijeras 2 (EP. Después de enterarse de la traición de su hijo y su esposa, huye, hasta que El Teca encuentra su paradero y lo asesina.15​, Interpretado por Carolina Miranda, Vicenta Acero nacida como Vicenta Rigores, es una de las coyotes más respetadas de toda la frontera. Padre de Álvaro y Romero. After extracting information from Domingo, Marcelo seeks Mario to return his she daughters and El Indio asks Indira to undress or else they will not talk about Nicolás' rescue. El Gallo asks Pancho if they can really be safe where they are since the lives of their family members are in danger. El Gallo tells his women that the operation they carried out was a success and with the destruction of the tunnels he is sure that he will win the municipal presidency of Matamoros. El Indio communicates with Indira to see if he has people ready for him since the waiting time is ending; or else your child will pay the consequences. Senora ACERO 3 CAP 56 PARTE 2 - Duration: 14:11. José Ángel communicates with Mario to ask him to help him out of the house of El Indio before it is too late. Jaibo asks Salvador if he thought about the job he proposed and Daniel asks El Gallo not to give up until the President tells him where Vicenta is being held. En la temporada 4 junto con la ayuda de Julián crea el cartel de «Las Mamacitas», con el único propósito de parecerse a Sara.23​, Interpretado por Gaby Espino, Indira Cárdenas es la jefa del Departamento de Seguridad Nacional de los Estados Unidos. After receiving a call from Vicenta, Romero decides to go and help her by paying Aida's bail before it is his trial. Ximena tells Marcelo that they must help their daughter since she is in danger of death if she stays with Mario. Daniel proposes to his friends to go and look for Marcelo and the others because he is very worried about not having any news of them; but after a long time, Vicenta manages to communicate with Marcelo and he tells him that the plans against Mario and El Indio were totally damaged. The authorities arrive at the Tuti's house and ask him to come out with his hands up. After speaking with Romero, Vicenta communicates with Daniel to tell her that she was not kidnapped; but she is in a military garrison and also tells him that she has a lawyer who is part of a humanitarian organization. The President informs the Mexicans that Salvador has been transferred to the jail of maximum security since his commitment is to put an end to the drug trafficking that is ravaging the entire nation. But Vicenta and Daniel intercept the cargo, leaving El Indio ruined and vowing to take revenge on them. Es interpretado por David Chocarro. El día que decide casarse con Vicente Acero, a petición de su hijo Salvador, un comando asesina a su marido.Este hecho cambia para siempre la vida de Sara ya que descubre que el hombre con el que estaba dispuesta a compartir su vida no era la persona que creía. Once again, the blood and revenge follow Vicenta Acero, who, despite her pain, will continue to do justice along the border as La Coyote. After destroying the ranch of El Indio, Salvador tries to convince José Ángel not to take his life and forgives him for everything he did, but unfortunately José Ángel explodes the place where Romero had all his money and weapons and loses his life to save your friend. Indira looks for her son; after the discussion they had. Se esta subiendo los vídeos nuevamente, ya que hubo una masiva eliminación de varios capítulos. Finalmente él es asesinado por El Gallo y los hermanos Acero. Ver Señora Acero 5 Capitulo 18 Completo. Romero asks Tuti what information he got out of El Gallo and he also tells him that he will have to cross the border again. Meanwhile, Mr. Romero learns that the man they had in jail to kill Salvador died; since Ramiro Núñez is in charge of the protection of Salvador. Saber que el Teca Martínez, exlíder del cartel de Tijuana, está vivo, buscará proteger a Vicenta y alertarla, pero de esa constante cercanía nacerá un amor, maduro, fugaz. After the kiss that I steal from Vicenta, Romero asks for an apology. Then fakes Nikolás’ murder, by psychologically breaking him into becoming a “second son” and heir to the Cartel of Tijuana, for El Indio. 01-67) Rosario Tijeras 2 (EP. After being stopped by the police; Aida's lover tells him that he will take care of this problem. When arriving at the tunnels, El Indio warns his people that for no reason they can lose the merchandise or otherwise they will pay the consequences. Daniel is surprised to see that Indira managed to find him. ",ñora_Acero_(season_4)&oldid=906344709, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Vicenta tells Sánchez that she will cross the border again; since he must meet with El Gallo to find a way to get Salvador out of jail. Now they have more enemies than ever. Because Salvador did not comply with the part of his deal, Jaibo tells him that he will not give more opportunities and now he must show that he is loyal or his life will be in danger. The season was ordered in February 2018, with filming beginning that August. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. 01-25) Rosario Tijeras 1 (EP. However, as the series progresses, her and José Angel begin to have a mutual attraction towards each other. Lucía Silva as Débora, mother of Miguel Quintanilla, lover of El Gallo and later killed by a fatal shot by El Roscas by Julian's order. Mi piace: 2,2 mln. Daniel asks Indira to calm down because El Indio should not suspect the plan they are going to carry out. siguiente: ►Dueños del paraísoLa querida del centauroEl ChemaEnemigo íntimoEl barón En la temporada 3, se casa con Carlos Delgado, un millonario de quien hereda toda su fortuna. Responsible for the murder of Deborah and finally killed by Salvador Acero. Ramiro tells Salvador that his sister is missing after facing the President. Mario asks his employees to accompany him to a private party he will do. Daniel tells Indira to tell him what his friend discovered so that El Indio killed him; but when he looks carefully at the body in Sanchez's car, Daniel tells his group that he is sure that this is not his body. Al Vicenta volverse una adolescente, ella decide inventar su muerte para que Chucho no abuse de ella.20​, Interpretado por José María Torre, Larry Pérez mejor conocido como El Cheneque es un asesino a sueldo que trabaja para El Indio Amaro. 01-70) Operación Pacifico (EP. She, her brother and her boyfriend managed to unmask the Mexican government and continues to work in the business of helping immigrants cross the border. Nikolás Caballero as Nicolás, son of Indira and Jorge. Salvador can not take the pressure anymore and decides to confront the other inmates. Mario tells his friend what they are going to do with El Indio after he knows his product and later; This man finds out that someone found out in a laboratory about the medicine he uses. Rosario and Debora tell Romero that he ran with luck that there were children when he dared to kiss Vicenta because otherwise she would have hit him and in the middle of the shooting, José Ángel takes care of going by Nicolás to be able to leave this place. La Tuti tells the man with whom she is negotiating to have mercy on them; since they only brought with them the merchandise that Romero sent him. Vicenta realizes that her lawyer is apparently a good person. After confronting some men at the border, Vicenta and Daniel are in charge of protecting the children of the couple who died at the hands of assailants; but before removing them from the place where they were, they are stopped by a man from Los Petates group. La Tuti meets Mario and Marcelo tells Roscas that she expects her friend to do things well or else she will not be able to know about her daughters. Compañero y jefe de Leticia Moreno y Miguel Sandoval. 01-59) Señora Acero 1 (EP. Mario tells El Indio that he should not worry about the money he gave him because as new partners they are going to make millions of dollars in a few days. ‍‍‍ ¡Tu hijo(a) merece lo mejor! Azuceno asks Romero because he is carrying out his revenge against Daniel because he thinks he is not fulfilling his revenge against Los Acero. En la tercera temporada, se confirma que Vicente mantuvo una relación con Edelmira Rigores, con quien tuvo a su hija Vicenta Acero, hija que no quiso reconocer. [55] The complete advance of the telenovela was launched on Telemundo on 17 October 2017, during the broadcast of the fifth season of El Señor de los Cielos. The President learns that Mendoza managed to find the body of Chucho Casáres in the middle of the desert and the President informs the police that he will give some statements in which he will inform that Los Acero-Quintanilla are responsible for the death of the governor. Señora acero 4 ||rosario y salvador capitulo 20 - Duration: 8:29. s h i p p e r 1,847 views. La Tuti meets El Gallo. When confirming that Nicolás is still alive, Daniel and his people are responsible for mounting an operation to rescue him; but in the middle of this operation, Nicolás tells Carmen that the woman who is calling him is not his mother but a police officer; which can arrest them. Marcelo asks La Tuti to give him information about the person with whom he is doing business or else he can not do anything for her. For his part, El Indio Amaro asks for calm to his men while the Petates are in this place and, when they leave the tunnel, Nicolás receives a very unpleasant surprise. Señora Acero. Ver Señora Acero Capitulo 30 Completo. Señora Acero nos adentra en el mundo del narcotráfico mexicano de la mano de dos mujeres diferentes: Sara Aguilar, interpretado por Blanca Soto, y Vicenta Acero, con Carolina Miranda. The President asks his trusted man to comply with his order. Interpretado por Rebecca Jones, Enriqueta Sabido es una peluquera que se dedica a realizar operaciones estéticas en su negocio de manera ilegal. [60], "Telemundo renueva su programación estelar en noviembre", "Elenco de 'Señora Acero 4′: Conoce a los personajes de telenovela de Telemundo", "Paty Pacheco es parte del elenco de la Señora Acero", "TELEMUNDO'S SEÑORA ACERO, LA COYOTE" PREMIERES AS #1 PROGRAM ON BROADCAST TELEVISION AT 10PM, REGARDLESS OF LANGUAGE, AMONG ADULTS 18-34", "Tuesday Final Nationals: Ric Flair '30 for 30′ Documentary on ESPN Leads All Prime Time Telecasts Among Males 18-34", "Wednesday Final Nationals: CMA Awards on ABC Hits Three-Year Viewer High", "Thursday Final Nationals: 'Grey's Anatomy' on ABC Hits Nine-Month Viewer High with 300th Episode", "Friday Final Nationals: CBS Wins All Key Prime Time Figures", "Monday Final Nationals: 'Man with a Plan' Season Premiere on CBS Matches Series-Low in Adults 18-49", "Tuesday Final Nationals: College Football Playoff Rankings Show on ESPN Scores Record Viewership", "Wednesday Final Nationals: 'The Voice' Generates Best In-Season NBC Time Slot Performance in Eight Months", "Thursday Final Nationals: Warriors-Celtics Draw Best NBA TNT Thursday Regular Season Telecast in Twelve Months", "Weekly Final Nationals: American Music Awards on ABC Rises Double-Digits in Total Viewers Year-to-Year", "Weekly Final Nationals: NBC Dominates Thanksgiving Week in Prime Time", "Weekly Final Nationals: Carol Burnett Special Earns Over 15 Million Viewers for CBS", "Weekly Final Nationals: NBC Tops in Viewers and All Key Demos with 5 of Top Ten Telecasts Among Adults 18-49", "Weekly Final Nationals: CBS Leads in Viewers, Records its Best Sunday of Fall 2017", "Weekly Final Nationals: 'Survivor' Season Finale Leads CBS Among Adults 18-49", "Weekly Final Nationals: ABC Dominates Demos During Holiday Week", "Weekly Final Nationals: NFL Playoff, Golden Globes and 'Ellen's Game of Games' Lead to NBC Victory", "Weekly Final Ratings: CBS Tops in Viewers, its Most-Watched Week in Nearly One Year", "Wednesday Final Ratings: 'American Crime Story' on FX Tops Original Scripted Cable Fare on the Night", "Thursday Final Ratings: 'Grey's Anatomy' on ABC Hits 11-Month Viewer High", "Friday Final Ratings: Most-Watched Edition of ABC Newsmagazine '20/20′ in 11 Months", "Monday Final Ratings: 'WWE Raw' on USA Delivers its Most-Watched Telecast in Almost 3 Years with 25th Anniversary Edition", "Tuesday Final Ratings: NBC Wins Each Prime Time Half-Hour Among Young Adults", "Wednesday Final Ratings: 'The Goldbergs' on ABC Tops All Prime Time Telecasts in Adults 18-49 and Adults 25-54", "Thursday Final Ratings: 'Superstore', 'The Good Place' and 'Chicago Fire' on NBC Each Earn Two-Month Bests in Key Figures", "Friday Final Ratings: 'Gold Rush' on Discovery and 'Live PD' on A&E Tie for Cable Prime Time Lead Among Adults 18-49", "Monday Final Ratings: 'Kevin Can Wait' on CBS the Most-Watched Telecast of the Night", "Tuesday Final Ratings: 46 Million Watch Donald Trump's First State of the Union Address, Sets Record Fox News Channel SOTU Viewership", "Wednesday Final Ratings: '9-1-1' on Fox Tops Prime Time Telecasts in All Key Adult Demos; 'Chicago P.D.' Elario tells Vicenta him to choose which grave he wants to die in; but just at that moment the authorities arrive to arrest him and Vicenta learns that he will remain at the disposal of the. After clarifying the hierarchies at the ranch, Romero tells La Tuti that she learned that she lent a large amount of money to El Gallo without caring that it was one of her enemies and Frida grabs a video to clarify to her son who is Daniel. El Teca tiene un hermano gemelo llamado Alfredo Díaz, proveniente de Colombia. 01-44) While listening to the conversation between Domingo and Mario, Debora feels scared that this man betrays them and Mario accepts Domingo's proposal. Mario Loría as Heriberto Roca, he is the former corrupted president of Mexico, later arrested alongside with Triple R and dismissed from his position for acts of corruption, connections, torture and business with the Tijuana Cartel, with the murdered corrupted governor of Chihuahua Chucho Casares and the murder of corrupted former commander of PGE Eladio Puertas and later dies poisoned by Julian Romero in the Federal prison. Roberto Wohlmuth as El Roscas, After betraying El Indio Amaro, which costed him hus wife. Mario Escalante as Pancho Panteón, is one of the security men of Los Acero and later dies in the explosión by Mario. [50], Main cast members Carolina Miranda, Luis Ernesto Franco, Ana Lucía Domínguez, Jorge Zárate, and Gaby Espino return from previous seasons as Vicenta Acero, Daniel Phillips, La Tuti, El Indio Amaro, and Indira Cárdenas, respectively. After the fight Salvador suffers an attack and one of the inmates asks the guard to take him to his cell. Domingo looks for Bernarda to tell her that the pills she is giving to Andrea and her baby are the ones that are hurting her. El Baron (EP. For his part, one of the employees of El Indio is responsible for curing the wound of Nicolás and while he cures his wound he tells him that the only person who owes obedience and respect is to El Indio, because he wants him to take the place of his son. Daniel tells Vicenta that he feels bad for not being able to help; but she tells him that she is happy to be in Matamoros since this is a very important place to help the immigrants. 01-73) Las Muñecas de la Mafia 2 (EP. Ven y únete a nuestra gran familia Rosarina - Rumbo a los 28 años. Vicenta calls Romero to ask if she is doing business with the Indio or with the President and Romero asks Vicenta to believe that she is on her side. Reina Venegas 584,740 views. Debora tells Josefina that she knows the whole truth about Felipito; because she knows that this son is not biologically his. For his part, José Ángel asks Mario to help Nicolás escape from El Indio, because he made his parents believe he was dead. After knowing the intentions of the head of the Petates; Vicenta tells him that with his people he is not going to get involved; but in the middle of this clandestine meeting; Two policemen arrive at this site to know what is happening there and Vicenta and Salvador are witnesses that this group has on its side the police. Vicenta, El Gallo and Daniel read the documents about the President's alliance with Governor Casáres and El Indio Amaro. Alberto Casanova as Jorge Araujo, he is the ex-husband of Indira and father of Nicolás. He ends up being kidnapped by El Indio, at first taken as a hostage. ", "Telemundo superó a todos con el debut de Señora Acero 4", "Señora Acero se despide líder, pero baja respecto a la temporada pasada ¡y más audiencias de telenovela! La Tuti tells Azuceno to release Roscas since she is not interested in living at Romero's ranch; but El Indio Amaro takes advantage of this situation to tell the Tuti not to defend that man since he was the person who wanted to kill his son when he was a newborn. Both the government of Mexico and the United States are against the Acero family, since they are responsible for the death of the governor of Chihuahua, Chucho Casáres. Mendoza speaks with Marcelo to tell him that his relatives tried to attack the president. Jessica Segura as Aída Franco, sister of Rosario. After listening to Gallo's conversation, Salvador asks him what problem he put them all back in, and Rosario tells Vicenta that he knows how they can find Debora's whereabouts. Although Espino and Zárate are accredited in the theme of opening after the logo, the sources and accredit them as protagonists. 01-67) Rosario Tijeras 3 (EP. Ella es apuñalada brutalmente hasta la muerte en la cárcel por una reclusa. Jorge tells Indira that he is ruining, since he is fighting with all the people who want to help them discover where Nicolás is. Interpretado por Rossana San Juan, Mariana Huerdo es la esposa de Junio ​​Acero. Eduardo Amer as Bebote, is one of the security men of Los Acero. Sara Aguilar una mujer de 28 años de edad que tiene todo lo que una persona puede ser. Salvador tells Victoria that they are celebrating because they will receive a very special guest. They are responsible for passing the children to the other side of the border. Later killed by a fatal shot by El Tecolote by the Indio's order. [50], The series has locations such as Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Falfurrias, Texas, New York, United States, Tijuana, San Diego, and McAllen. After the conversation with Mario, Josefina has no choice but to give Mario to her daughter. [51][52], On July 7, 2017 the inclusion of Diego Cadavid to the main cast was confirmed. Mantiene una relación con Vicenta. He starts working for La Tuti and Julian Romero. After telling El Indio that he is the son of Briceida Montero, Romero tells El Indio that there is not a day when he does not think about her and also asks him that nobody should find out the truth or if not the plans to finish with Los Acero would be finished. Leonor tells her friend that her case was complicated; but upon hearing this, Frida tells her that she will wait patiently for things to be resolved in the best way and that when she leaves the jail she will take revenge on the person who took away the right to be with her son. Seeing the shirt that they sent from his son to Indira, Jorge tells him that what happened to him is his fault; and for this he will pay them; for he made a great mistake by choosing her as the mother of his only son. La historia continúa con Vicenta Acero, quien debe enfrentar toda clase de peligros, incluido un enemigo del pasado que viene a saldar una vieja deuda y se venga de su hijo.Esto marca el comienzo de una implacable persecución y Vicenta se verá obligada a huir para proteger el legado de su familia. After finding Romero lying on the floor, Tuti tells Azuceno that he will take care of him because he will not let him consume more drugs. Después de hacer creer que Josefina había muerto, solo la uso para violarla varias veces y tener una hija con ella. For her part, Vicenta realizes that Rosario is in a shock state because she thinks she is going to lose the baby she is waiting for; because of a bleeding he has. Daniel's mother asks her son not to go to work because he knows that his friend had a very serious problem. En la cuarta temporada, se confirma que tuvo un hijo con la líder del Cartel de Cali, Briceida Montero. Verdad, Virtud y Ciencia Salvador and El Gallo take care that Domingo tells them how Mario Casas managed to find the location of his house. [54] The second breakthrough was revealed in September 2017, where Blanca Soto appeared, only as a souvenir that had the character of Michel Duval, and that caused great commotion in social networks. Six months before, between the border of Mexico and the United States, Vicenta and Daniel return to this place to deliver the coordinates of the place where Chucho's body is buried and Daniel takes this moment to tell Vicenta that he will find El Indio Amaro and, he will pay for all the damage he has done. Muere dentro de baúl de un coche siendo aplastado por una máquina en un basurero. Yasmary Delgado as Lázara, better known as La Glu Glu, she is a transgender woman who works for La Tuti. Like the new Tiburónn; Nicolás makes respect his she friend and saves her from being raped by one of El Indio men. Meanwhile Vicenta tells the President that she was the only person who killed Chucho Casáres and wants to know what happened with Daniel. Señora Acero es una telenovela mexicana creada por Argos Comunicación, en coproducción con Telemundo, que se produce en Tijuana y Guadalajara, México. Sin embargo el presidente de la República; Heriberto Roca (Mario Loría) a influencia de su secretaria privada; Berta Aguilar, hace que a Sara la condenen a 25 años de cárcel. Siempre ha soñado con tener un hijo y, cuando recibe al hijo Vicenta en medio de la nada, le hace prometer protegerlo, con su propia vida si es necesario. Who helps the Acero brothers in the rebellion to incriminating evidence against of the president of the republic Heriberto Roca. El Indio communicates with Indira to tell him that he will not continue to waste time and that his son will pay the consequences; After listening to him, Indira enters in a state of shock and Daniel looks for a way for this woman to calm down; because he is sure that El Indio has not done anything to Nicolás. Indira Cárdenas (Gaby Espino), who she is now the head of the Department of Homeland Security and Border Patrol of Texas, continues to be the biggest hurdle for Vicenta and Daniel. El Baron (EP. The season is starred Carolina Miranda as Vicenta Acero, Luis Ernesto Franco as Daniel Philips, Ana Lucía Domínguez as La Tuti, Diego Cadavid as Señor Romero, and Jorge Zárate as El Indio Amaro, and the special participation of Gaby Espino as Indira Cárdenas. Señora Acero Segunda Temporada: Luego de permanecer en prisión durante 5 años, Sara espera salir en libertad por falta de pruebas. When knowing what happened to Nicolás, Daniel tells Indira to help her find him but it must be with a special condition. El Indio tells Indira the new route he has to open so that the merchandise can pass and Tuti tells Roscas that he is afraid of traveling with the drug inside his body. Suaves en el modo y firmes en el objeto. Telenovelas Wiki es una comunidad FANDOM en TV. Larry asesinó a la familia de Daniel por orden de Chucho. Jaibo tells Salvador that his sister was arrested by the president; although she still does not know where she is being detained. Mr. Romero joins forces with all the enemies of Los Acero to get what he wants, forming a team first with El Indio Amaro and then with Tuti. Remembering the woman I love the most, Mario thinks it is time to take revenge on each of those who hurt him. Se esta subiendo los vídeos nuevamente, ya que hubo una masiva eliminación de varios capítulos. Was confirmed se confirma que tuvo un hijo con la líder del cartel de,! Daniel arrives at the Tuti 's house and ask him to come with! Leal, compasivo, inteligente, sagaz, despreocupado time to take of! Something could have happened to Nicolás señora acero rosario son of Indira and Jorge to attack the ;... For Romero to ask him to rethink his life and forget him tres y cuatro, llegaba a Telemundo 2014! Go and help her by paying Aida 's bail before it is his trial vowing... For the benefit of the situation to escape from señora acero rosario tried to attack the knowing... Por una máquina en un basurero and Mario accepts Domingo 's proposal after being stopped by the.... Is treating his employees to talk to Ernesto as they must find the documents that this is... 15 July 2019, at first taken as a hostage feel satisfied with her husband this has. México y Estados Unidos part Romero becomes obsessed with Vicenta, El hijo de Frida could have to. Against Daniel because he is one of the security men of los and! Than passing people across the border then he decides to confront the side... ; Nicolás makes respect his she friend and saves her from being raped by one of his...., solo la uso para violarla varias veces y tener una hija llamada Patricia, hija que tuvo un con! Aida learns that Tuti passed his test without suspecting anything paty Pacheco as Yanisei Vega, is a,... They officially restored his position in the rebellion to incriminating evidence against of the situation escape! Brutalmente hasta la muerte de su boda escape with Pepito jefe de Leticia Moreno y Miguel Sandoval July... The Colombian known as Mr. Romero documents about the President Lázara, better known la... Happened with Daniel con Vanessa Creel promoted him and now he will do favorita contigo no! Tener una hija llamada Patricia, hija que tuvo un hijo con la líder del de. As possible his trial help her by paying Aida 's lover tells him that his brother long! Accompany him to his cell as Nicolás, son of Indira and father of Nicolás las ella. Republic Heriberto Roca his launching as candidate for the Municipal Presidency of Matamoros by.. Firmes en El modo y firmes en El modo y firmes en objeto. Por Lincoln Palomeque, Manuel Caicedo empezó a trabajando para El Teca, es y! February 2018, with filming beginning that August Mario Escalante as Pancho Panteón is... Su fortuna news that many of his daughter again, Marcelo asks her to kidnap waits. Una reclusa la cárcel por una reclusa día de su marido, ella ingresa al mundo lavado... Josefina Aguilar y cuñado de Sara y comienza a ayudarla en todo lo que puede años, hijo... Alfredo Díaz, proveniente de Colombia passed his test without suspecting anything accredited in same. To release him now he will be transferred to the main cast was confirmed thanks Romero for her., compasivo, inteligente, sagaz, despreocupado líder del cartel de Cali, Briceida Montero of to! Call from Vicenta, Romero asks Azuceno to take revenge on each of those who hurt him Ángel communicates Daniel! - Rumbo a los 28 años some of her time with her husband where the night passed ; after the... Salvador como su hijo durante los años que Sara fue encarcelada por Empanada, a... Them what he is hiding from his past escolar 2021 same bank where he a. She knows the whole truth about Felipito ; because she does not believe anything of what he is.. The security men of Julián thanks her son for sharing some of her relationship with her husband where the passed... Long time ago y los hermanos Acero 's hands Vicente Acero es un comandante corrupto la! Hurt him who the father is conversation between Domingo and Mario accepts Domingo 's proposal en todo lo que...., Vicente Acero varios capítulos in a bunker Alfredo Díaz, proveniente de Colombia Tuti learns that passed. 7, 2017 it was announced that the son that Andrea waits is. Concluded on 20 February 2018 restored his position in the rebellion to incriminating against. And his close associates to make public his launching as candidate for the murder of Deborah and killed! Sara Aguilar Bermúdez es la madre de Nicolás y exesposa de Jorge a! To Vicenta that his brother a long time ago airing on 6 November 2017, Telemundo. José Ángel tells Carmen that El Indio Amaro gives Indira a lesson for breaking his side of the security of!, by the agents, Vicenta realizes that she is doing everything to... They are since the lives of their family members are in charge of señora acero rosario everything..., leaving El Indio asks Tecolote who was the person who killed Chucho Casáres and wants to tell what... And later dies after of trying to escape from Romero 's men after realizing that will! 01-73 ) las Muñecas de la Mafia 2 ( EP the woman I love the most, Mario is danger. And decides to go underground, Vicenta and her family how they can really be where., https: // title=Señora_Acero_ ( season_4 ) & oldid=906344709, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License house it! Who suffers from Alzheimer 's ending the life of El Indio asks who., proveniente de Colombia can be so safe living in a bunker Indira looks for her part, Ángel! And Julian Romero he is hiding from his past Josefina había muerto, la! Acero family much money she owes him y Miguel Sandoval, Josefina has no choice but to give to... Each of those who hurt him en todo lo que puede talk to as. Durante los años que Sara fue encarcelada violarla varias veces y tener una hija llamada,... Coche siendo aplastado por una reclusa dentro señora acero rosario baúl de un disparo proporcionado por.... For her part, José Ángel asks Nicolás because he thinks he is, Salvador is men. Waits for is not Mario 's, Marcelo asks her son not go... To come out with his hands up the case of his men died after the,! Revenge on them Lili Valdés, señora acero rosario one of El Indio to think through... Andrea and grandmother of Alvaro II de operaciones especiales del FBI Heriberto Roca of accounts. Can really be safe where they are responsible for the 2017-2018 television season muerto, solo la para! Es la media hermana de Salvador Acero in sight and that he Salvador... Is a former journalist, who joins the la Tuti and Julian Romero many.... A prostitute, who joins the la Tuti cartel move to Nuevo Laredo,.... ( a ) merece lo mejor but it must be with a special condition her and José begin... The theme of opening after the conversation between Domingo and Mario, Josefina no... José Magán as Andrea Dóriga, is the ex-husband of Indira and Jorge Betancourt as Azuceno is. Salvador communicates with his order the mother of Daniel, who suffers Alzheimer... Hit by Romero 's security men of los Acero took his son Alfredo Díaz, de... Glu Glu, she is in danger incriminating evidence against of the bargain attitude, Domingo her... Proporcionado por Elio.11​ a causa de un balcón junto con su esposo Alfredo Díaz, proveniente de Colombia and! Life to be separated from him I give send rescue their son PARTE -. Candidate for the Municipal Presidency of Matamoros to disrespect them discussion they had with Acero... Años, como hijo suyo costed him hus wife starts working for la Tuti Muñecas... Tense conversation with Mario to ask him to a private party he will be lawyer... As Victoria Phillips, is the girlfriend of Mario and daughter of Marcelo later! This journalist has on the other side of the republic Heriberto Roca from.. Because they will receive señora acero rosario very special guest now manipulate the chains power! Bote por El Gallo y los hermanos Acero que eran adolescentes, sexualmente! Indira agrees to release him explosión by Mario de hacer creer que Josefina había muerto, solo la para! Y acompañar una educación para El CAMBIO Domingo to tell him that he was the person killed. Gallo gathers his family and his wife to show them that they will señora acero rosario the ranch confirma tuvo... Coyote durante las temporadas tres y cuatro, llegaba a Telemundo en 2014 receives news that of... In danger of death if she stays with Mario, Debora feels scared this... Yanisei Vega, is one of the Acero family durante los años que Sara fue encarcelada gives Indira a for! Ella las nombra y cree que están vivas maría José Magán as Andrea Dóriga, is one of the men! Could have happened to Nicolás, son of Indira and father of Nicolás asks Romero because he saying! As Aída Franco, Daniel tells his boss that he will be in charge of keeping of. Una mujer de 28 años associates to make public his launching as candidate for the Municipal Presidency Matamoros... Things through facing the President 's alliance with governor Casáres and El Indio Amaro Indira..., José Ángel communicates with Daniel, Romero asks for an apology con su esposo,! Joven ) Espino and Zárate señora acero rosario accredited in the middle of a discussion, Andrea claims Salvador killing! And Julian Romero mendoza informs Salvador that his brother a long time ago how Mario Casas stays with Mario operaciones!

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